in 1942, Dr Charles Schnabel's discovery regarding the nutritional value of dehydrated cereal grass earned him the second honorary degree ever given by Rockhurst College. 

Schnabel's Family.

Charles Schnabel was born and raised in Ionia, Missouri.  He was married and the father of 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls. They were raised in the house shown in the pictures below. Dr. Schnabel was married to Julia, for over 50 years. When Schnabel died in 1974, he was remembered by his wife, brother, 2 sisters, 6 children, 24  grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren. 

Early Years 

Dr. Schnabel graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia. He taught agricultural science at Excelsior Springs High School in Missouri.  He became superintendent of schools in Raymore District of Cass County, Missouri, before moving to Kansas City, Kansas in the 1920s.

Dr Schnabel had been a self-employed nutritional chemist, but between 1923 to 1933, he was the chief chemist for the state grain department in Kansas. In 1935, Schnabel started Cerophyl Laboratories to further his research and experimentation. Even though Cerophyl has a fully equipped laboratory in Kansas City and another laboratory at the Midland facility, Dr. Schnabel often conducted research in a basement laboratory in his home, sometimes growing wheat under bright lights to examine early stages of growth..