Dr. Schnabel's Midland Facility Today & the New Iowa Facility‚Äč.

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      Pines International is located where Dr. Schnabel built his facility in 1933. Pines still uses many of the same fields of glacial soil and operates one of his laboratories. Although the Cerophyl brand has not been sold for more than 30 years, Pines Wheat Grass and other products are produced following the growing, harvesting, and packaging standards that Dr. Schnabel established for Cerophyl.

In 1927, a young scientist began 

looking for a food that would 

increase egg production in 

chickens. He tried many vegetables without success.  Finally, in 1930, he made a discovery that led to decades of scientific and medical research. As a result, Dr. Schnabel become known as "the father of wheatgrass."